30 julho, 2016

JOSEPH, Cathy - OUTDOOR LIGHTING: FASHION & GLAMOUR. Crans-près-Céligny, Ava Publishing SA, 2003. In-4.º (23x26cm) de 159, [1] p. ; todo il. ; B.
1.ª edição.
Edição totalmente ilustrada ao longo das páginas com belíssimas fotografias executadas no exterior, em ambiente descontraído, contrariando a encenação e formalidade dos trabalhos produzidos em estúdio.
"During recent years, fashion and glamour photography has increasingly shifted away from the false and formal setting of the studio towards grater use of real-life locations and outdoor lighting.
This book explores the skills required to get the very best results from daylight - the most versatile and challenging resource at the photographer's disposal.
Using high quality images from around the world, it looks at the whole process of conducting a fashion shoot, from the client's brief to the choice of location, the time of day and techniques employed. With tips and explanations from the photographers and clear diagrams of the set-up, it shows a wealth of different ways in which natural light can be controlled, manipulated and artificially enhanced to create a mood, flatter the subject and catch the eye.
Including a broad range of contemporary styles drawn from editorial, commercial and personal work, this practical and inspirational title will be invaluable for both aspiring and professional photographers."
Exemplar brochado em bom estado de conservação.

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