21 abril, 2017

GALLICO, Paul - THE SNOW GOOSE. By... Illustrations by Peter Scott. London, Michael Joseph, 1958. In-4.º (25cm) de 54, [2] p. ; [4] f. il. ; il. ; E.
Conhecida história infantil, múltiplas vezes reeditada, impressa em inglês - no original. Edição magnificamente ilustrada com bonitos desenhos no texto e belíssimas estampas em separado.
"The great Marsh lies on the Essex Coast between the village of Chelmbury and the ancient Saxon oysterfishing hamlet of Wickaeldroth. It is one of the last of the wild places of England, a low, far-reaching expanse og grass and reeds and half-submerged meadowlands ending in the great saltings and mud flats and tidal pools near the restless sea.
Tidal creeks and estuaries and crooked, meandering arms of many little rivers whose mouths lap at the edge of the ocean cut trough the sodden land that seems to rise and fall and breathe with the recurrense of the daily tides. It is desolate, uttery lonely, and made lonelier by the calls and cries of the wildfowl that make their homes in the marshlands and salting - the wildgeese and the gulls, the tteal and widgeon, the redshanks and curlews that pick their way trough the tidal pools. Of human habitants there are none, and none are seen, with the occasional exception of a wild-fowler or native oysterfishermen, who still ply a trade already ancient when the Normans came to Hastings."
(excerto do Cap. I)
Encadernação em tela com ferros gravados a prata na lombada.
Exemplar em bom estado de conservação. Dedicatória manuscrita na f. anterrosto (não do autor).

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